Farish Street Heritage Festival, Inc.
Farish Street Heritage Festival, Inc.

Lee King Entertainment in conjunction with  JSU Tiger Fund Presents The 37th ANNUAL FARISH STREET HERITAGE FESTIVAL 2017

On September 23, 2017 the Farish Street Heritage Festival will be celebrating it's 37th annual festival.  In conjuction with Jackson State University's Tiger Fund and W.C. Gordon Football Classic. Outdoors in the middle of Farish Street.

Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody was born to the late Reverend Joe and Vertie Sims Pickens in Chicago, IL. She was raised in Bay Springs, Mississippi where she presently lives.

In 2006, at the suggestion of her friends Leo Johnson and William Day, Ms. Jody made a visit to Ecko Records in Memphis, TN where she was introduced to the staff. Shortly thereafter she joined the Ecko Records family and her first CD was released. The CD, entitled "You're My Angel" has brought Ms. Jody immediate recognition from the radio station programmers and their listeners. Songs like "Ms. Jody", "Sugar Daddy", and "Get Drunk Party"  received heavy airplay and the label rushed out a second CD called "What You Gonna Do When The Is Due? before the year was out.  Since then Ms. Jody has grown to one of the more successful female singers in the genre.


Bigg Robb

Real Name:

Robert Smith



It’s been almost 3 decades since Robert ”Bigg Robb” Smith started on his professional musical journey in Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting off in 1979 as a local disc jockey at a small community radio station in his hometown, Robert began meeting celebrities and forging relationships that changed his life. At WAIF FM 88.3 he was put on air by Tom Knox, and after about a year and a half of doing this, he got his own show. Then Robert took the initiative to do some interviews with artists and that’s how he met Midnight Star, Reggie Calloway, Bootsy Collins and Roger Troutman. Bootsy was the first who visited the radio station, and he gave Robert a chance to really be a professional by letting him do some jobs and hang out with him in the studio. During the same time period, Robert met Zapp Troutman while leaving a Midnight Star recording session at the 5th Floor Studios. Terry introduced Robert to Roger Troutman and they became friends. Since then, Robert has been around the Zapp camp since 1982. After years of mentoring under Roger, Robert started recording himself. He would try to take the things that he learned by working at the Troutman Sound Labs, and expand upon them. His first cd was called “Cheddar-Cheddar” which is mainly a rap type thing. His next project was a rap record for the artist Drawz on Warner Bros. Records and was called "U Da 1." With the release of his cd "Grown Folk’s Muzic," he started his own label for which he also recorded a few albums with his group, Da Problem Solvas featuring singer Big Woo. Robert worked on this project with Sure 2 B, also known as Zapp's tour drummer Bart Thomas and originally from Roger Troutman's protege group, New Horizons.



Bridget Archer

& Montage

Also performing: Greg Pippins and John Haley

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